Every songwriter has at least a few break-up songs tucked away. And many will never be heard because who really wants to listen to songs about other people's emotional trauma? Haven't we got enough of that in our lives already? Once in a while, maybe, but listening to these songs can be so depressing and put you in a foul mood. So with precisely that thought in mind, this was the genesis of The Divorce Album – but mostly because, fuck it, nobody's listening anyway. So to start, let's double down on the anguish, heartbreak and despair – in fact, crank it up to eleven. And now, let's make it fun...
The Divorce Album is split into two sides, "MINE" and "YOURS". On the MINE side are six new songs produced by Secret Friend. On the YOURS side are the exact same songs produced by other artists. Three basic rules were set forth — 1) everyone starts with just the original demo; 2) they can perform and change the song however they wish; and 3) to avoid cross-pollination, no one gets to hear the other version until both songs have been completed. The result – wildly different interpretations of the same songs, making for a surprisingly diverse and hard to pigeonhole album, showcasing some genuinely impressive talent.

Featured Artists

Sam is a composer and arranger based in south London. Sam creates dazzlingly unique arrangements of Disney tunes and hymns, as evidenced by his regular video postings on YouTube.
Houston based, Bradley (a.k.a. The Perfectly Violent Dream) releases music intermittently and juggles time between teaching, sound design and compositions for musical theatre. Currently he is working on a new original score for the Italian silent film, Filibus (1915).
Wyatt Funderburk is a Nashville musician, songwriter and producer. Since self-releasing his first record as a teenager in the 1990s, Funderburk has toured the US and abroad with his own bands and others’, while also working in his studio with some of the best rock and pop artists in the country.
Bob is a Los Angeles-based composer and keyboardist who was a member of lounge/popsters The Mello Cads, contributed to The Prefab Sprout Project, and is co-leader of the lounge / electronica duo Supercasanova. He is currently writing a full-length musical on "Noah and the Flood".
Lindsay is a full time music teacher who lives and works in Northern Thailand. In his spare time, he likes to write, perform and record music of whatever variety takes his fantasy on whatever instruments are currently in tune.
Karla is a California songwriter, musician, anglophile and award-winning arts journalist. Best known as the leader of indie-pop group The Corner Laughers, she recently released “King’s Daughters Home for Incurables”, her debut solo album.

Featured Vocalists

Taylor is a producer, engineer, guitarist, singer, songwriter and performer. He owns and operates the Velveteen Laboratory studio in Los Angeles. Taylor was a founding member of Rooney, Taylor Locke and the Roughs, and recently toured with Sparks.
Danny is a freelance vocalist, arranger, and creator who loves to collaborate and connect with other musicians. He records and tours as a tenor with the internationally-based, YouTube-formed vocal group, Accent.
K.O. chooses to remain a mystery. All we can say about her is she works in Los Angeles as a professional musician, and you may have heard her somewhere before.
After eight studio albums and decades of touring, Willie's crossed stylistic boundaries with irreverence, but always somehow returned to the sweet and detailed ballads that define him. He’s currently working on a new studio album and a duo with Kristin Mooney, known as The Lover The Keeper.
Los Angeles based, Roger is an in-demand session musician, an arranger, a regular sideman with Beck, a co-founder of the acclaimed power-pop band Jellyfish, and a solo artist. His EP "Glamping" will be released in 2018.
Jimm has written and performed around the Pacific Northwest with several bands and as a solo artist. His debut solo album "Polaroid Angel" was released in June 2002 on Seattle independent label Ptarmigan Records, produced by Conrad Uno.
Australian/American Steven Fox is the producer and songwriter known as Secret Friend. He has been writing music off and on for over 35 years. After pursuing distinguished careers in advertising and I.T., he released his debut album, Time Machine, in 2013, followed by a video album, Sleeper, in 2015. Steven currently resides by the tranquil foothills of northern Thailand with his wife (yes, happily married!) and two miniature schnauzers.

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Due to lack of demand for CDs, The Divorce Album is a digital-only release.
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Fox is a talented songwriter and knows how to create ambiance.
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Steven Fox, who plays instruments on every one of this album’s songs, is a bit of a musical maverick, in that each of his albums exists on a different plane, even as they are connected as repositories for beautifully written, melodic songs.